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Introduction :-

The Club Leadership Plan (CLP) is the recommended administrative structure for Clubs.  Based on the best practices of effective Rotary Clubs, the CLP is suggested by Rotary International.  The best part of the Plan is that it is flexible enough to support the individual needs and can be customized according to the needs of Clubs members.

The salient features of CLP is to Have Long Term Goals in following areas :-


Service Projects

Rotary Foundation

Develop Leaders beyond Club Level


As an important link between Long Term Goals and action, annual goals should be set that synchronize with Long Term Goals.

The other aspects of CLP are Succession Planning, ensuring continuity in leadership, providing regular fellowship opportunities, offering regular training to build leaders, keeping communication open within the club and with the district.  In line with some of the proposals of the CLP, we would have to make amendments in the bylaws of the Club as per the procedures.

Implementation :-

The implementation process of the CLP is very crucial as the plan itself has to be in line with the needs of the club.  After considering the club’s past trends, strengths and challenges the club leaders assess the base line for goals and identify specific goals in terms of projects and other relevant areas.  A committee has been set up for this purpose consisting of the Past, Current and Future Presidents.

The committee would offer its recommendations based on experiences of the past and aspirations for the future.  A key aspect of the implementation of the plan is in involving all the club members in the process, so that there is a commitment to support its execution.  To enable this, the CLP would be placed before the board for consideration.  After approval by the board the plan would be placed for consideration at an AGM / EGM where the proposals would be discussed threadbare.  In order to implement the plan we would have to amend the bylaws of the club to reflect changes necessary.  After passing the necessary changes in the bylaws and the proposals of the CLP at the General body, the same would be adopted.

A copy of the CLP would be made available to every member so that he / she is well aware of the club’s plan and goal.  Every new member joining our club would be given a copy of the Plan as well.

Every year President Elect would prepare his/her annual goals using the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs.  These annual goals would be in harmony with the long range goals of the club as laid out in the CLP.  These annual goals and the plans of the individual directors to achieve these goals would be submitted during the first Club Assembly after taking office.  Further the plans and activities with respect to these goals would be reviewed during the Board Meetings.  The President / concerned director would report to members on progress along these goals regularly at closed meetings scheduled during the year.

The Plan and the goals :-

In line with the suggestions from members, following Long Term Goals were proposed :-

1.  Membership

Quality in membership is paramount and inductions should be in conformity with procedure of mandatory attendance to three meetings (incl attendance with family in a fellowship meeting) and by circulating bio data to all members for ‘no objection’.

Growth in membership was necessary and it was proposed to target a net growth of 10% per annum.  From the Rotary year 2008 – 09, we have indicated our membership strength, goals for every year and plan as below :-

Rotary Year Number of  Members Net Additions during the yr Membership Target by year end

2008 – 09




2009 – 10




2010 – 11




2011 – 12




Members would be motivated to invite their friends / associates to Rotary meetings.  Prospective members would be invited for club fellowships with their family to create a cordial atmosphere with members’ families.  A Roster of filled / unfilled classification would be compiled during the Rotary Year 2008-09 and this would be updated during successive years to identify prospective members.

  1. Service Projects
  2. Club Service

Participation and involvement of members in club’s projects / activities is paramount.  The Club Service Director shall ensure that every member is active in project or club’s event.  He shall motivate non active members to take part in club’s various programs depending on their interests, individual strengths etc.


We plan to hold a Fellowship Meeting (family participation) every month and all members’ with their families would be invited for this.  As has been the practice, members would take turns hosting these events and besides sending invitations, the hosts would also call the members to maintain cordiality and warmth. Every fellowship event would be theme based and the stress would be on involving the families particularly Annettes.

Strategies for Communication :-

Club Assemblies would be important review sessions and we plan to hold a minimum of 4 such assemblies every year.  This would give the opportunity for President & office bearers to present their plans and activities for review.  The members would be invited to offer suggestions during the club assemblies on the various projects / events planned.

Bulletin : Our inhouse bulletin ‘The Banyan’ would be released every month with reports on projects implemented, Directors and members contribution, forthcoming events and plans.  A copy of this bulletin would be provided to every member of the club and to district officers.

Continuity in Leadership :-

Continuity in leadership and planned succession results in successful performance along planned lines.  Apart from the appointing the President Elect, the club shall also appoint the President Nominee (who shall succeed the Pres Elect).  The President Nominee shall also be part of the Board.

It is recommended to the Nominating Committee and the Pres Elects that Directors be appointed for a period of 2 years to ensure continuity in projects.  Wherever this is not possible such officers would be appointed as Advisors for the same avenue of service in subsequent year.

            (b) Community Services (Medical & Development)

Long Term Vision :  To establish Rotary Fourrts Medical Centre as a fully equipped Hospital in  10 years ie by the Rotary year 2018 – 19.  To enable this long term vision :

  • A long term working committee would be set up to study the project totally and submit its suggestions with reference to the financial, technical, commercial and administrative aspects of the Hospital.
  • The land already available with RCA Charitable Trust would be used for this purpose.  If a better location is available for this project, the existing land would be sold and the proceeds used to purchase the suitable land.
  • The infrastructure at the existing Medical Centre would be improved based on the needs every year.
  • To conduct medical camps regularly at the Medical Centre to serve the needy which will also promote the goodwill of the centre in the neighbourhood.

Our Focus areas for Other Community Service Projects would be

Education – To adopt a school and improve infrastructure including building toilets where they are non existent etc.  As our club has a successful experience at Kandigai village, (Kelambakkam – Vandalur Main Road) we would plan for similar projects at rural schools based on need.

 Puthuyir Parisu – This project involves gifting of new born kits consisting of 1 kg of ‘Horlicks’, Nutritious Milk Bikis biscuits, Children’s clothing & towels to mothers who have given birth to babies at the Govt Kasturba Gandhi Hospital.  The kits would be sponsored by Rotarians on their birthday or their family member’s.

Our Goal is to provide PP kits to 500 new born babies at the Govt KG Hospital every year coinciding with birthdays / anniversaries of our Rotarians.

  1.  Vocational Service –

We have been successfully providing various courses like Auto Electrician, TV & Radio Mechanic, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration and Driving etc to unemployed persons.  After providing practical training, we also try to place them in organizations so that they are provided a livelihood.

Our goal is to provide Vocational Training & employment opportunity to 100 persons every year in need based courses which offer employment potential.

  1.  Youth Service –

Considering the importance of the Youth, our goal shall be to sustain the 3 Interact & 2 Rotaract Clubs.  Every year we will actively pursue projects to provide awareness to youth  in Career Development, Industrial Visits, Community Services, Arts promotion, Organise RYLA etc.

Every year we shall conduct at least one awareness program for Interactors on Environment Conservation and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

Our Goal for Rotaractors would be to involve them in community services including in Polio Plus campaigns of our club.  We will conduct at least one awareness program in each Rotaract Club on Prevention of Drugs Abuse and Aids Awareness campaign etc. 

3.  Rotary Foundation

Goal : To achieve a per capita contribution of USD 100 every year.

4.  Developing Leaders – Club level and beyond…..

Leadership of the club determines our performance and hence we will seek to bring out the best talents available with our members.  We will continuously motivate our members to occupy vital club positions to ensure diversity and complimentary skills at work.  New members would be offered positions in the Board under the able guidance of their predecessors.  This would ensure a continuous availability of leaders in the years to come.   The Nominating Committee will work with the Past Presidents of our club to ensure the right combination of experience and energy that is required to translate our vision into reality.

Goal : We will work towards making 3 of our members participate in Rotary positions beyond club level.

Amendments in Club Bylaws :-

In line with the CLP proposals,  we would have to make changes in our club’s Bylaws in following areas (which we propose to do on 2/12/08)

  • With the thrust on communication, planning and reviews it is imperative to conduct regular Club Assemblies during the year.  Hence it is proposed to conduct at least 4 Club Assemblies every year (incl the AGM).  (To check what current stipulation is?)
  • Going by the Continuity in Leadership plan, it becomes ideal to appoint directors for 2 consecutive years.  Hence it is suggested to amend the bylaws that restrict a person being a Director in the club for more than 2 years.  It is proposed to impose such restriction beyond 3 consecutive years.
  • Giving importance & focus to certain areas as per CLP and considering our Club’s current structure, We plan to have Directors for the following seven (7) Committees :-
      • Club
      • Vocational
      • Membership
      • Public Relations
      • Rotary Foundation
      • Community Devt & Health and
      • Youth
  • The Board of Directors will consist of the following President, President Elect, President Nominee, 7 Directors as above, Secretary, Treasurer,  Joint Secretary and the Sergeant At Arms.
  • The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee shall be to identify the best person eligible for the post of President Elect and the President Nominee.  The Nominating Committee is also empowered to appoint new Committee Chairs under each of the Directors above in consultation with President Elect.

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