RCA Planning Guide 2012-13

RCA Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs


Rotary Club of Adyar – April 2012

The Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs is a tool to help clubs assess their current state and establish goals for the coming year. It is based on the Club Leadership Plan. The strategies listed in each section are common ways that clubs might choose to pursue goals, but clubs are encouraged to develop alternative strategies when appropriate. Presidents-elect should complete this form in cooperation with their club and submit a copy to their assistant governor by 1 July.


Rotary Club of Adyar Rotary year of office: 2012-13
Name of president: S.Siva
Mailing address: New No.44 (151) Eldams Road, Teynampet, Chennai-600 018
Phone: 24358986









Current number of members: 58

Number of members as of 30 June last year: 56                   As of 30 June five years ago: 44

Number of male members: 51                                                   Number of female members: 7

Average age of members: 41 .                                                    Number of Rotary alumni members:  1

Number of alumni or program participants tracked by your club:      

Number of Rotarians who have been members for 1-3 years: 14     3-5 years: 8     5-10 years: 17

Number of members who have proposed a new member in the previous two years: 7

Aspects of your community’s diversity reflected in your club membership:

Professional    Age          Gender            Ethnicity

Club’s classification survey was updated on 14/02/12 and contains 62 classifications, of which 4 are unfilled.

Describe the club’s new-member orientation program.

We have fireside meeting at senior Rotarian’s house to introduce the new member to Rotary.

We have a mentoring program in place.

Describe the club’s continuing-education programs for both new and established members.

We have a club trainer who keeps the members addressed of Rotary developments

Has your club sponsored a new club within the last 24 months?        Yes         No

Number of Rotary Fellowships & Rotarian Action Groups that club members participate in: 8

What makes your club attractive to new members?


Fellowship and our Service projects

What aspects of your club could be a barrier to attracting new members? None


Membership goal for the coming Rotary year: 10 members by 30 June 2013

What sources of potential members has your club identified within the community?

Ex Interact/Rotaract members, friends & relatives of existing members

What strategies does the club plan use to achieve its membership goals? (Check all that apply.)

Develop a retention plan that focuses on maintaining high levels of enthusiasm through participation in interesting programs, projects, continuing education, and fellowship activities.

Ensure that the membership committee is aware of effective recruitment techniques.

Develop a recruitment plan to have the club reflect the diversity of the community.

Explain the expectations of membership to potential Rotarians.

Implement an orientation program for new members.

Create a brochure that provides general information about Rotary as well as specific information about the club for prospective members.

Assign an experienced Rotarian mentor to every new club member.

Recognize Rotarians who sponsor new members.

Encourage members to join a Rotary Fellowship or Rotarian Action Group.

Participate in the RI membership development award programs.

Sponsor a new club.

Other (please describe):


Action steps:




Number of Rotary Youth Exchange students:         Hosted: 10           Sponsored: 2

Number of sponsored      Interact clubs: 2  Rotaract clubs: 2                Rotary Community Corps: 1

Number of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) events: none

Number of Rotary Friendship Exchanges: none

Number of other current club service projects: 4


Our club has established the following service goals for the coming Rotary year:

For our community:

Happy Village, Medical camps, Schools to smiles, Environment, Safe drinking water

For communities in other countries:

What strategies does the club plan use to achieve its service goals? (Check all that apply.)

Ensure that the service projects committee knows how to plan and conduct a service project.

Conduct a needs assessment of the community to identify possible projects.

Review current service projects to confirm that they meet a need and are of interest to members.

Identify social issues in the community that the club wants to address through its service goals.

Assess the club’s fundraising activities to determine if they meet project funding needs.

Involve all members in the club’s service projects.

Recognize club members who participate and provide leadership in the club’s service projects.

Identify a club to partner with on an international service project.

Participate in:

Interact                                           Rotary Friendship Exchange

Rotaract                                          Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Community Corps        Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Use a grant from The Rotary Foundation to support a club project.

Register a project in need of funding, goods, or volunteers on www.rotary.org.

Other (please describe):


Action steps:




CurrentState (for nonpilot clubs in 2012-13)

Number of grants awarded:

District Simplified Grants:              Matching Grants:      

Number of Ambassadorial Scholars:         Nominated:          Selected:           Hosted:      

Number of Group Study Exchange team members:                Nominated: 2           Selected: 2            Hosted: 10

Number of Rotary Peace Fellows:                  Nominated:        Selected:           Hosted:      

Amount contributed this year to PolioPlus activities:      

Amount contributed this year to Annual Fund: 6000

Amount contributed this year to Permanent Fund: 35000


Number of club members who are

Paul Harris Fellows: 21                 Benefactors: 2                 Major Donors: 3

Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members: 15                      Bequest Society members: 1

CurrentState (for pilot clubs in 2012-13)

Club qualified status:        Qualified       Pending          Incomplete

District grant activities your club is currently involved in:

Global grant activities your club is currently involved in:

Educational, promotional, and fundraising projects held by your club for PolioPlus last year:



Number of Rotary Peace Fellows:

Nominated last year:      

Selected by the Trustees last year:      

Amount contributed to the Annual Fund last year:      

Number of Foundation alumni tracked by your club:      

Number of Rotarians who are:

Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members:                     Arch C. Klumph Society members:      

Paul Harris Fellows:                                                            Benefactors:      

Paul Harris Society members:                                          Bequest Society members:      

Major Donors:      

FutureState (for all clubs in 2013-14)

Date your club will be qualified:

Club’s Rotary Foundation goals for the coming Rotary year:


Club’s Annual Fund contribution goal: 6000

Club’s Permanent Fund contribution goal: 35000

Club’s goal to eradicate polio:

District grants:

Club will address the following Rotary Foundation area(s) of focus:

Peace and conflict prevention/resolution                  Maternal and child health

Disease prevention and treatment                               Basic education and literacy

Water and sanitation                                                       Economic and community development

Global grants:

Educational, promotional, and fundraising projects held by the club for PolioPlus last year:


Number of Rotary Peace Fellowships:


Selected by the Trustees:      

What strategies does the club plan to use to achieve its Rotary Foundation goals? (Check all that apply.)

Ensure that the club’s Rotary Foundation committee understands Foundation grants and programs and is committed to promoting financial support for the Foundation.

Help club members understand the relationship between Foundation giving and Foundation programs.

Plan a club program about the Foundation every quarter, especially for Rotary Foundation Month in November.

Include a brief story about the Foundation in every club program.

Schedule presentations that inform club members about the Foundation.

Ensure that the club’s Rotary Foundation committee chair attends the district Rotary Foundation seminar.

Use Rotary Foundation grants to support the club’s international projects.

Recognize club members’ financial contributions to the Foundation and their participation in Foundation programs.

Action steps:


Current State

Number of club leaders who attended

District assembly: 16                                        District Rotary Foundation seminar: 3

District membership seminar: 2                   District leadership seminar:      

District conference: 34

Number of club members involved at the district level: 6

Number of visits from the assistant governor this Rotary year: 6


Club goals for developing Rotary leaders for the coming Rotary year:

What strategies does the club plan to use to develop Rotary leaders? (Check all that apply.)

Have the president-elect attend the presidents-elect training seminar and the district assembly.

Have all committee chairs attend the district assembly.

Encourage past presidents to attend the district leadership seminar.

Appoint a club trainer to develop club members’ knowledge and skills.

Conduct a leadership development program.

Tap the expertise of the assistant governor.

Encourage new members to assume leadership positions through participation in club committees.

Ask members to visit other clubs to exchange ideas, and then share what they have learned with fellow members.

Other (please describe):


Action steps:



Current State

List club activities covered by the media, and the type of media (television, radio, print, Internet, etc.) involved.


Club public relations goals for the coming Rotary year:

What strategies does the club plan to use to achieve its public relations goals? (Check all that apply.)

Ensure that the public relations committee is trained in conducting a multimedia campaign.

Plan public relations efforts around all service projects.

Conduct a public awareness program aimed at the business and professional community that explains what Rotary is and what Rotary does.

Arrange for a public service announcement on a local television channel or local radio station, or in a local newspaper or magazine.

Other (please describe):


Action steps:



Current State

Is your club operating under the Club Leadership Plan?      Yes  No

How often and when does the club’s board meet? Every month

When are club assemblies held? Once a quarter

How is the club budget prepared? At the beginning of the year, based on last year

Is the budget independently reviewed by a qualified accountant?  Yes       No

Does the club have a strategic plan in place?  Yes       No

Has the club developed a system for ensuring continuity of leadership on its board, committees, etc.?

Yes  No

Has the club developed a system for keeping all members involved?  Yes       No

Does the club use Member Access at www.rotary.org to update its membership list?  Yes       No

How often is the club’s bulletin published? Every month

How are weekly club programs organized? Speaker meetings

Does the club have its own website?  Yes     No   If yes, how often is the site updated?      

Does the club observe the special months designated on the Rotary calendar?  Yes             No

How often does your club conduct fellowship activities? Every month

How does the club involve the families of Rotarians? Invite them for regular meetings, service projects & fellowships


Future State

How will the club carry out administrative tasks? (Check all that apply)

Regular board meetings are scheduled.

The club will review the Club Leadership Plan on the following dates: August 2012

The club’s strategic and communication plans will be updated on the following dates:      

4 club assemblies are scheduled on the following dates: Every quarter starting 31st July’12

The club has either adopted the latest version of the Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws or revised its own bylaws.

Club elections will be held on 18/12/2012.

At least 38 delegates will be sent to the district conference.

A club bulletin will be produced for members.

The club’s website will be updated 12 times per year.

A plan has been developed to ensure that weekly club programs are interesting and relevant.

Monthly attendance figures will be reported to the district leadership by the       day of the following month.

Member Access will be used to maintain club records by 1 June and 1 December to ensure accurate semiannual reports.

Membership changes will be reported to RI within 7 days.

Reports to RI, including the semiannual report, will be completed on time.

The following fellowship activities for all club members are planned for the year: 8 theme based fellowship & one outstation fellowship

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