How to propose a new member

How to propose a new member into RC Adyar :-

RI requirements:-

  1. Good character
  2. Good business/ professional reputation
  3. hold a position of executive capacity in his vocation/ profession

Eligibility to propose a prospective member:-

  1. Only a member of atleast 2 years standing in RCA can propose a new member
  2. The proposer should have personally known the prospective member for alteast a year before proposing him for membership

If you and your prospect meet the above qualifications, these are the steps to follow next;

  1. Talk to him about Rotary, its ideals of service & fellowship, classification & attendance requirements. Inform him on fees and other expenses of being a Rotarian. Make sure he is interested.
  2. Fill out the Membership proposal form and hand it over to the Membership committee. If the Committee asks you to go ahead then …
  3. Inform him that someone from the committee will talk to him. Also tell him about the approval process and that it will take some time before he is invited to join the club.
  4. Show Rotary by bringing him to a meeting as your guest
  5. Firm up his classification
  6. After Board approval, ask him to attend another meeting, announcing his presence as a prospective member of our club. He is also required to attend a fellowship with family.
  7. Meanwhile the Club Secretary will inform all members of the prospective candidate (7 day letter).
  8. If there is no written objection from any member within 7 days of informing them of the committee’s decision to induct him, he can be invited for induction into the club on a suitable day, after collection of admission fee and other dues.

How to propose a new member R I Doc

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