Rotary Community Service Project to provide Biomass Cookstoves & Solar-powered LED Lighting to tribal Kurumba households at Kotagiri

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Provide Solar-powered LED Lighting  for better illumination, energy saving and to eliminate environmental contamination.
The Kurumba tribes living in Anilkaadu, Kotagiri, have not seen electricity in their houses so far. Their children who are attending school have been longing to have harmless light to study their lessons. The families have been threatened by the presence of wild animals around the village during night and scared of getting out of their houses till they saw bright day light.

Provide SERVALS’ TLUD WOOD GASIFIER STOVE which is a simple (Top Lit Up Draft) wood stove that is green and of low carbon emission,safe and affordable. Additionally, it creates an “Earn while you Cook” economy scenario. (Social Enterprise: Establishing a biochar buy-back scheme and market for the collected biochar)
1. Decrease the cost and time of cooking by reducing the amount of fuel wood used.
2. Improve health and wellbeing of stove users and their family by cutting down domestic air pollution and drudgery.
3. Create lasting change in household behaviour by incentivizing sustained use of the new stoves.
4. Support indigenous people to be energy efficient and create enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship on by-product (biochar) .

Product Numbers Cost/Pc Rs. Amount Rs.
TLUD Stove 13 1500 19500
Surabhi Stove 13 700 9100
LED Bulbs 39 300 11700
Solar Panel & Kit 13 2000 26000
LED Street Light 1 1100 1100
Cables, Installation & Incidental Expenses 20000
Totals 87400

Part of the above costs (Rs.30, 000/-) was be borne through the Beneficiary Community contributions. The Balance Amount (Rs.50, 000/-) was funded from Rotary Club of Adyar Charitable Trust.

This kind gesture was initiated by our IPP Rtn.J.Jayaseelan and personally executed by Pres.Rtn.N.R.Jayaraman. This is what our President had to say after witnessing the event on 2nd Oct’15 –

“The village had not seen light at all in the night and yesterday they would have seen light at night for the first time in their lives. The children of the families are faring well in their studies and they have promised to fare even better from now on…”

This Rotary Community Service Project to donate Lights & Stoves, by providing Biomass Cookstoves & Solar-powered LED Lighting to tribal Kurumba households at a remote location in Kotagiri, has brought a great transformation in their lifestyle.

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